Buying a board?

The NZ chess store sells some basic boards - you can view them here

Some advice from Grant Hoffman - many thanks to him for all his expertise.

The answer depends on how much you want to pay. One site where I will recommend you take a look is note that we said to take a look there, not that you should buy there. There boards are really nice but you can buy them for the same price from Carol Joy Cole. The surfaces are cork and Carol sprays them with some sort of sealant so that they last longer, and puts metal protectors on the corners – for a small extra cost.

Carol also stocks other backgammon boards that she supplies. Check out her website for a large range of different backgammon equipment, books and everything backgammon.

There is also the gammon village website.

Getting into the slightly more expensive, but costing way less than the equivalent boards is you can choose your board colours, checkers and a few optional extras. From memory these boards go for $850 USD.

With ordering any of these boards you have to remember that quite an expense can be getting it to New Zealand and then getting it through customs. If you know anyone going to the states, and can get them to open the board and bring it back for you, you will avoid both of these costs. If you have to get it sent back then post shop has a service called Ishop which makes the postage much cheaper – unfortunately they can't do anything about customs.